Lower Lakes Towing  "Victory/James L Kuber" passing Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON

enroute to Toledo OH.


Algoma Central "Algosoo" entering the Poe Lock.  Destination Hamilton ON.


Great Lakes Fleet "Edgar B Speer" passing Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON.  Enroute from

Conneaut OH to Two Harbors MN to load iron ore pellets.


Polish Shipping "Orla" entering the Mac Arthur Lock with a load of grain enroute from

Duluth MN to Tilbury UK (east of London on the River Thames).


"Johanna C"  with load of wind turbine parts from China to Duluth MN.  Picture taken on

the St Lawrence River somewhere south of Montreal QC.

Picture credit Brenda Benoit - St Lawrence River Ship Watchers.