The Canadian Coast Guard Cutters "Samuel Risley" and "Pierre Radisson" look ready to

lead a convoy in Lake Superior.

Interlake Steamshop "Herbert C Jackson" destination Marquette MI

Great Lakes Fleet "Edgar B Speer" destination Two Harbors MN

Great Lakes Fleet "Cason J Callaway" destination Two Harbors MN

American Steamship Co "Burns Harbor" destination Superior WI

Interlake Steamship "James R Barker" destination Duluth MN

Great Lakes Fleet "Presque Isle" destinationn Two Harbors MN

Great Lakes Fleet "John G Munson" destination Two Harbors MN

Interlake Steamship "Paul R Tregtha" destination Superior WI

Great Lakes Fleet "Roger Blough" destination Two Harbors MN

Lower Lakes Towing "Tecumseh" destination Thunder Bay ON

Great Lakes Fleet "Edwin H Gott" destination Two Harbors MN

note: The Pierre Radison can't be seen above as it is just to the right  of the Paul R Tregurtha.


Great Lakes Fleet "Philip R Clarke" arriving at the Soo Locks.  Destination Gary IN

note: Interlake Steamships "Lee A Tregurtha" and "Kay E Barker" are 9.8nm from the

Soo Locks at the SE end of Whitefish Bay.  They plan to transfer cargo from the Barker

which was damaged in the ice. The Lee A Tregurtha will take it to Indiana Harbor IN.