In the middle of Lake Superior 3 ship headed south east are stuck in the ice.


Just north of Whitefish Point the Canadian coast Guard Cutter Samuel Risley is heading to help two

ships heading south east to get free from the ice.


This is the third day for these 7 ships still waiting to head to Duluth and Two Harbors.


Coast Guard Cutters Alder and Mackinaw heading to help the Lee A Tregurtha get free of the ice and head into the Soo Locks.


Meanwhile the norhtbound ships on the St Mary's river are starting to move toward the Soo Locks  with

an assist by the Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay.

This page will be updated as the northbound ships arrive at the Soo Locks.


Interlake Steamship "Paul R Tregurtha" the largest ship on the great lakes arrives at

the Soo Locks.  Destination Superior WI.


As the "Paul R Tregurtha" enters the locks, Lower Lakes Towing "Tecumseh" approaches.

Destination Thunder Bay ON.  



The "Tecumseh" waits to enter the locks as the Great Lakes Fleet "Roger Blough" approaches.

Destination is Two Harbors MN.


The Teumseh is now in the lock as the Roger Blough waits to enter.  Approaching is the Great Lakes

Fleet "Edwin H Gott" Destination Two Harbors MN.  When these ships arrive in Whitefish Bay there

will be 11 ships to form a convoy to Thunder Bay ON, Two Harbors MN and Duluth MN/Superior WI

News update:


As of 6:04pm EDT the Barker is 32 nm from the Lee A Tregurtha and isn't moving. On April 4th

the Lee Tregurtha was enroute from Winter Lay/Up at Detroit to Duluth.  Now is waiting at the

South East end of Whitefish Bay.