Great Lakes Fleet "Edwin H Gott" first ship through the Soo Locks.

Enroute from Winter Lay/Up at Milwaukee WI.  Destination Two Harbors MN to load.


US "CG Mackinaw" breaking ice west of the Soo Locks.


Tug "Missouri" assisting the "Edwin H Gott"

The Great Lakes Fleet "Roger Blough"  will be transiting the Soo Locks behind the

"Edwin H Gott"  It is enroute from Winter Lay/Up at Erie PA and headed to Two Harbors MN.


With the US "CG Mackinaw" in the lead, the Great Lakes Fleet "Edwin H Gott"  leaves

the Soo Locks after a 7 hour delay waiting for improved conditions.  Lake Superior is

mostly clear of ice, but Whitefish Bay has up to 2-3 feet of ice between Whitefish Point

and the Saint Marys river and the Soo Locks.


Great Lakes Fleet "Roger Blough" entering the Soo Locks as "Edwin H Gott"

 is exiting.


The conditions in Whitefish Bay are too bad.  They backed the "Roger Blough" and the

"Edwin H Gott" out of the Soo Locks awaiting further instructions.


The US "CG Mobile Bay" is breaking ice in the locks, the US "CG Mackinaw"  is breaking ice

in Whitefish Bay and the US "CGC Alder" is escorting the Great Lakes Fleet "John G Munson"

in eastern Lake Superior heading toward Whitefish Bay.