James R Barker arriving at Duluth MN Jan 7th 2015 with heavy ice.



Boat Nerd AIS Map Jan 9th 2015

Notice that many ships are hugging the Upper Penninsula of Michigan in Whitefish Bay

just west of the Soo Locks, waiting for the strong winds to die down so they can head

out into Lake Superior for Duluth, Two Harbors and Thunder Bay to load iron ore. Also

there are 5 ships hugging the Upper Penninsula north west of Marquette.



Sail WX Map Jan 19th 2015


The Soo Locks are scheduled to close on January 15th and ships are delayed due to weather.

Most of the Canadian ships are already docked for the winter, but none of the Great Lakes

Fleet (former US Steel ships) are.

I'm keeping my eye on the Presque Isle no located at Gary IN to see where it is heading.

It usually winters in Erie PA, but last winter it docked at Duluth MN.