Canadian Coast Guard Cutter "Griffon" moored at Windsor Ontario on 02-24-15


AIS Map showing Griffon, Arthur M. Anderson and Algose moored at Windsor ON and

Detroit MI waiting to form a convoy to Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON


US Coast Guard Cutter "Neah Bay" and Canadian Coast Guard Cutters "Griffon" and

"Samuel Risley" escorting the Great Lakes Fleet "Arthur M Anderson up the St Clair River

toward Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON on 26th February.


Algoma Central Marine Fleet "Algosteel" arriving at Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON. 

Heading to Detroit Mi with a load of salt from Goderich, Ontario.


Tugboat "Pride" turning the "Algosteel" to head into berth at Sarnia ON.   US Coast

Guard Cutter "Neah Bay" breaking ice on the St Clair River.  US Coast Guard Cutter

"Hollyhock" and the "Arthur M Anderson" waiting to proceed north.


As of 11:19pm on 26th February the Arthur M Anderson was in Lake Huron heading to

meet the Capt Henry Jackman and US Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay.  Destination for the

Anderson is Sturgeon Bay WI for Winter Lay-up.


Update 27tgh_February 11:40am  The Capt Henry Jackman is headed back to Sarnia for the

winter.  USCG Katmai Bay and the Arthur M Anderson are headed to Sturgeon Bay WI.