Aircraft of the Berlin Airlift


FS 2004



The default Flight Simulator 9 DC-3 is an excellent aircraft.There are many others such as the MAAM-SIM DC-3.


I use the default, with a customized panel. ††The panel can be downloaded from the Bluegrass Airlines FS 2004 Hangar


For the default DC-3 (C-47) you can download Royal Air Force Textures by Doug Adams and USAF textures by Steve Mullen here. (4.7 mb)





FS Design Berlin. has an excellent DC-4 (C-54) and you can find Army Air Force and USAF Troup Carrier repaint downloads there also.


FSFreeware the Short Sunderland. (currently on page 319, if its moved use the Search)


I havenít been able to find an FS2004 Avro York yet.Try using the FS 2002 one on the bottom of this page, or the one from FS Design Berlin.



See bottom of page for FS2002 updated aircraft links.


FS 98

The first flights of the Berlin Airlift were flown using the C-47 (the Military version of the venerable DC-3).The best Flight Sim model of this aircraft is the US Navy R4Dby Jan Visser, Roy Chaffin, and Bill Rambow.You can comprar cialis 20 mg and download this plane fromhttp://www.flightsim.comThere are versions for FS98 and FS2000.Go to the File Search area and search for r4d.†† There are several files needed to be downloaded.


We have a US Airforce C-47 paintedďCamel Caravan to BerlinĒ.It was downloaded from a german site FS-EDDI which was a wonderful resource for this project.My link to that site isnít working, but try this one for FS Design Berlin.


The panel provided, and the airfile were reworked a bit by Bill Von Sennet.DC-3 sound by Trev Morson was added.




Download C-47†† 753 k††††† Plus you will need the gauge package at the bottom of this list.


We have 3 different versions of the DC-4 which was used later in the Berlin Airlift.†† C-54 MATS (Military Air Transport),C-54 US Air Force, and a R5D2 US Navy.†† All of these planes require the C-54 MATS to be installed as the other 2 use the Mats Panel and Sound files.The Mats had a very nice panel, which Bill Von Sennet reworked a bit.Sound is from Tom Gibsons DC-4.

The aircraft came from††



Download C-54 Mats1,983kPlus you will need the gauge package at the bottom of this list.


Download C-54 USAF245k††† You will also need the C-54 Mats and the gauges.


Download R5D2 US Navy†† 288k†† You will also need the C-54 Mats and the gauges.


The BOAC Avro York was used by the RAF from Wunstorf to Berlinís Gatow Field

Download BOAC Avro York62kYou will also need the C-54 Mats and the gauges.



The RAF Dakota between Luebeck and Berlinís Gatow Field.†† Some of these Dakotas came

from the South African Air Force

Download RAF Dakota 34k†† You will also need the Camel Caravan C-54 and the gauges.


To haul salt to Berlin the Royal Air Force brought in Short Sunderland Flying Boats which

flew from Hamburg to Lake Havelsee in Berlin.


Download Short Sunderland 316k You will need the C-54 Mats and the gauges.

Download Sunderland Sound 78k†† Read the read1st!Changes wheel chirps to Splash!


New Gauge Package 2,058kUsed by C-47 and C-54 Mats†† New 05-31 Gauges have night lighting for FS2K.


Instead of uploading the aircraft everytime there is a change to the panels, I will have a the latest panel.cfg files here at the bottom of the page.


New panel.cfg files available update 07-09-01


Download FS98 panel.cfg files.†† 3k Unzip them into your main FS98 directory.††

One will automatically go into the C-47 and one into the C-54 Mats.


Download FS2K panel.cfg files. 3k†††††† Unzip them into your main FS2K directory

One will automatically go into the C-47 and one into the C-54 Mats


Sometimes when downloading a 2 megabyte file, you will get noise on the phone line which corrupts the file.If you get an error message when you try to unzip the file, try to download it again.I have downloaded all the files to assure that they have been uploaded properly.


Another aircraft available at is the C-54 Spirit of Freedom.



FS2002 Updated Aircraft


These aircraft have been updated for FS2002 and each package contains panel and sound.

You still need to download the Gauge Package 2,058kwhich has all of the gauges.


C-47 USAF†††††††††† C-47 RAF†† ††††††††† C-54 MATS†††††††


C-54 USAF†††† ††††† R5D20US Navy


BOAC Avro York††††† ††††


Short Sunderland S-253,615kIncludes Gauges (New 10-20-02)



These aircraft are for FS2002 only!


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